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6 Biggest Questions  people ask me...

  • How do I become a model? 

  • I've attended many castings, but how come I never get booked?

  • I've sent my photos to numerous modeling agencies, but why don’t I get any replies?

  • I want to do a photoshoot, but how do I pose?

  • I want to walk on a Fashion Show, can you teach me how do walk on the runway?

If you also ask any of these questions, then you should join my program, where you will learn ...


How to become a model

Learn how to become a model regardless of your age, gender, size, height and disability.

How to walk

Learn how to walk on a runway and get book for a fashion show no matter how tall you are!

How to pose

Learn how to pose for a photoshoot and techniques on facial expression and poses.

How to boost your confidence

Learn how to boost your confidence and remove your insecurities.

How to build your portfolio

Learn how to build a strong  model portfolio, whether you are an aspiring model or an experienced model,

How to get casted or booked

Learn how to ace your next casting and get casted for a fashion show, ad campaign or TV commercial.

A Program for Everybody

No matter what your age, height, gender and size!

Mainstream Model


Question: Can you help me get signed with an agency?

Answer: Yes, with proper coaching and right direction, you can get signed with the right agency or work as a freelance.

Plus Size / Curvy Model


Question: Can I be a model even if I'm not thin?

Answer: Yes, plus size and curvy models are in demand now!

Edgy Model


Question: Can I be a model even if I have tattoos, piercing or have a different look?

Answer: Yes, Edgy models or models who have a unique look do lots of work clothing, hair and salon products and more.

Kids Model


Question: How old can I start modeling?

Answer: Even babies can be models, but I recommend starting at least 5yrs old.

Fitness Model


Question: What is a fitness model?

Answer: Fitness models are models that have lean to muscular body type and body sizes are bigger than the standard model size.

Mature Model


Question: I'm already 50yrs old., am I too old to be a model?

Answer: Not at all, Mature or Classic models are in demand right now

Teens Model

Question: I'm too shy, but I want to be a model. How do I boost my confidence?

Answer: Teen life is an awkward phase and lots of things are still changing in your body, but with proper coaching you can learn to boost your confidence and accept your self.

Trans / Non-Binary Model

 Question: Are there any Trans models or agencies that represent Trans models?

Answer: Yes, there are a lot of Trans models now not just in modeling, but also in TV and movies. Most of them started as a model. There are also modeling agencies now who only represent Trans models.

Petite Model

Question: I'm only 5'2, can I be a model?

Answer: Definitely, for print and commercial models, there are no height requirements. Even for Runway, there are some brands who cater for Petite clients, so they need Petite models.

PWD Model

Question: I have a disability, can I be a model?

Answer: For sure! Brands have been more inclusive this past few years and you can see PWD models on print, commercial and even runway!

Let me coach you!


Hi, I'm Errol Isip, and I've been using my experience and expertise as an Executive Producer, Fashion Show Choreographer, Casting Director and Model Coach to train models in the last 20 years. 


More About Me

Make your dreams a reality and...  

Become a Runway Model

Get ready to strut your stuff on the runway. Get casted for fashion weeks and designer shows.

Become a Print and Online Model

Feel confident on your next photoshoot and no need to worry when the photographer tells you to change your poses.

Become a TV Commercial Model

Ace your next TV commercial and be natural on camera. You won't be nervous when you speak and do your lines.

Now is the best time to invest in yourself, improve your modeling skills and get the right direction from an expert in modeling!


You don't have to be tall and thin to be a model. Modeling now is very diverse and every person has a niche. Modeling agencies are looking for different looks and sizes. Join my program and start your modeling career now! 

Model Launcher (Beginner)

Do you want to be a model, but you don't have any experience at all? Choose the Model Launcher program to help you start your career in modeling.

Learn more

Model Perfection (Advance)

This is a 6 week extensive program for aspiring models or experienced models who are still struggling to get booked or get signed with an agency. 

Learn more

Want to hear from my students?  

Kylie Strong

"His class was so well put together and he helped me feel confident and comfortable in different heights of heels."

Pavlo Philipps

"Booked a few fashions weeks after that and I couldn't be happier!"

Alma Beaty

"No matter how good of a model you think you are, you will be surprised at how much more there's to know. "

Carissa Doratan

"Errol’s program develops and prepares you for your future modeling career. "


James Baek

"Errol is an amazing instructor and treats everyone fairly."


Jazlynn Dizon

"If you are just starting in the modeling industry I definitely recommended taking Errol’s Modeling Program! "

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